21 October 2015

In a market crowded with plumbers, why choose Atomic Plumbing?  In a word, experience! 

Plumbing is a big part of the comfort of modern living. And it can be a large part of the expense of building or renovating your home. It's not just about asthetics, the long term performance of your system is absolutely in the hands of the installer. Hiring the right plumber can ensure that your system works correctly, is long lasting and looks great.

Hiring the wrong plumber can give you lower water pressure, sewer gas smells, loud knocking pipes, a tendency to clog repeatedly, poor drainage or even an exploding hot water cylinder! You may not even notice these issues until months later since the problems are often hidden inside the walls.

However, even with these vastly differing levels of quality, most plumbing companies charge similar rates. With many local companies, you are paying Craftsman rates but only receiving apprentice quality.

When you hire Atomic Plumbing, you get all the experience of a Craftsman Plumber on your job.

Our Craftsman Plumber, Tex Ashby has extensive experience, both in New Zealand and internationally. From a family of plumbers, Tex is third generation to take up the profession after his father and grandfather before him. He previously owned a plumbing company in the US that built mainly bespoke luxury homes where every detail was expected to be perfect. Tex relocated to Christchurch nearly a decade ago and totally retrained to the New Zealand standard. He is now available to personally install whatever plumbing ideas you can dream up.

Our specialty is architectural details, bespoke designs and design solutions but we also do any size build or renovation, commercial and shop fitouts, hospitality including restaurants and hotels, farm and dairy installations, including irrigation. We do repairs and maintenance and can even help a DIY installer get the job finished.

We care about the quality of our work. We care about our customer's satisfaction.